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Chinook Salmon

Port Elgin Hatchery

The Lake Huron Fishing Club’s Chinook Hatchery, situated on Upper Ave in Port Elgin, has been serving the community since its construction in 1985. Completed entirely by dedicated volunteers, like many other LHFC projects, the hatchery operates from September to May each year under the careful supervision of club members who generously give their time to staff the facility.

A source of great pride and duty, the Port Elgin facility’s team of around 40 volunteers works diligently to return approximately 250,000 Chinook smolts to the Lake Huron area.

Due to the absence of any government restocking efforts in the region, the responsibility of replenishing Lake Huron’s salmon population falls on the shoulders of the four club hatcheries operating on the Canadian side of the lake.

Men in front of Port Elgin Hatchery